Friday, December 28, 2012

Novel Exam: Second Year - Second Term 2001-2

Univ. of Alex                                        Term: 2nd, 2001-2           
Faculty of Educ                                    Class: 2nd Year                                   
Dept, of English                                   Time: 3 hours


answer one question from each section

SECTION A: Comment on one of the following (25-30 lines)

1. 'But I was hurried on and obeyed blindly the dictates of my fancy; rather than my reason; ... I went on board in an evil hour, the 1st of September, 1659, being the same day eight years that I went from my father and mother at Hull, in order to act the rebel to their authority and the fool to my own interest.'

2. Friday functions only as an enhancement of Robinson Crusoe’s achievements.

3. The moral and psychological development of Robinson Crusoe s character.

SECTION B: Comment on one of the following: (25-30 lines)

1. 'The animals huddled about Clover, not speaking. The knoll where they were lying gave them a wide prospect across the countryside. Most of Animal Farm was within their view—the long pasture stretching down ... Never had the farm—and with a kind of surprise they remembered that it was their own farm, every inch of it their own property—appeared to the animals so desirable a place. As Clover looked down the hillside her eyes filled with tears'

2. Squealer is an amusing yet repulsive figure.

3. The selection of the various animals of Animal Farm has been made with an eye to specific qualities.

SECTION C. Comment on one of the following: (15-20 lines)

1. Robinson Crusoe is a moral statement in the form of an adventure
2. Animal Farm's characters are flat and lack development.