Saturday, December 29, 2012

Morphology Quiz: Third Year

Faculty of education 
3rd year 
Morphology quiz

Underline the connotations, collocations and figurative collocations in the following sentences, then write the type of each:
  1. This new car is not a boring repeat in sight. 
  2. The mother advised her daughter to get the most from her lectures.
  3. In this section, you will find a mix of warming suppers and lunches for when the weather turns cold, and inspiring dishes.for the dinner party season.
  4. Prepare-ahead to save time and effort.
  5. The feta cheese worked really well with rosemary and it tasted really special.
  6. This store brings you seriously creamy luxury yogurt with a taste inspired by the continent.
  7. Lead a double life with a clear conscious, when you cook a big family size meal in this huge oven.
  8. You have just filled out your application form, please wait here. 
  9. Some people still believe that restaurant food is good value for money, as they insist on having their meals there.
  10. When you have got time on your side, choose your subjects carefully and prepare a schedule from scratch. 
  11. But this did not stop us putting together a team of one hundred talented students. 
  12. To give it a professional look, do it on.a PowerPoint presentation. 
  13. The spacious 9.8 liters container has lifetime guarantee, because the lid keeps it warm all the time. 
  14. As a food writer and cookery consultant, he is kept busy with recipe testing and training. 
  15. This month our editor cooks his way through two new books which offer different takes on British cookery. 
  16. If you dismiss many diet books as merely the author's pet theory, you might be interested in one which is grounded in evidence. 
  17. Caerphilly cheese is less a working man's pick me-up, more a candidate for Gordon Ramsay's cheese board.