Saturday, December 29, 2012

Model Essay: Overweight, Causes and Effects

In recent years, obesity has become a notably increasing problem in children and youths. Overweight is a condition which occurs when the weight of an individual is not proportionate to his ago and height. This condition is observed in many people today. Overeating can lead to obesity among growing children.

The causes of obesity are variable and complex. Some of the common causes of obesity in children and adolescents are poor eating habits, lack of exercise, overeating, low self esteem, depression, emotional problems and stressful life events such as divorce or death of beloved one. The cause for putting on extra weight at a very young age is the modern-day lifestyle. In this fast life, people do not have the time to prepare healthy foods or even exercise. Fast food has replaced the healthy diet and the absence of physical has just added to the misery. Children, today, prefer pizzas and burgers over salads and fruits. These junk foods can lead to weight gain. Extra rest is very harmful as it leads to weight gain and eventually to obesity. Eating habits and lifestyle are remarkably changed, which have caused this problem.

Obesity is a serious condition as it can Rive rise to various health problems in any age. Obesity causes many physical and psychological problems. They are at greater risk of developing high blood pressure, heart diseases and breathing problems. In addition to these physical effects, obesity causes some serious psychological affects. Obese Children are often laughed at by others for their appearance and being overweight  It can create a low self-esteem and inferiority complex in them. They tend to avoid mixing in the society and attending the social events. The effects of obesity in children can be divided into two types; psychological effects and physical effects. The psychological effects include lowered self esteem, depression, or fear of being disliked by parents and friends. This may also fend to the child shying away and eventually becoming lonely. Obesity is associated with significat increases in risk for high cholesterol and cardinal diseases. Certain cancers are more prevalent in the obese. It can also lead to sleep disorders. Childhood obesity can prove to be a life threatening condition over a period of time. With growing age, the problems may become more severe.

In conclusion, prevention is better than cure so some steps need to be taken to make sure a healthy life for the children. Healthy diet, proper exercise and good habits In the child are some means to solve the problem of obesity. This problem should not be neglected. It Is a complex disorder that can cause a number of health problems in children. Foods containing fats should be strictly excluded from their diet. People should be engaged in more physical activities and exercises.