Saturday, December 29, 2012

Model Essay: Arranged Marriage Versus Love Marriage

Arranged marriages have been the usual form of marital connection for a long time. Recently, it has become unusual and questioned nowadays. A lot of people who have love marriage say that after a while love fades out and what remains is marriage. On the other hand, couples who had arranged marriage say that we are not so compatible, and we married each other because our families wanted to. A lot of us might feel that nowadays the boys and girls decide they want to marry but still there are still many families who would want their children to marry according to their choice, family and status because "Arranged Marriages are Marriages between two Families." The question is which one is better arranged marriages or Hove marriages.

For some people, arranged marriages prevent people from marriages based solely on physical passion. When marriages arc arranged, many factors arc taken into consideration before contemplating a match between two people, such as upbringing. economic equality, background, religious beliefs, traditions and culture.  These elements make the most satisfying and enduring relationships. Arranged marriage based on that give couples a common ground of understanding. In arranged marriages, couples more possibly lean to love over time than leaving love entirely to chance. In love marriages, couples have the advantage that they fall in love with each other before the marriages. But the advantage may turn to be disadvantage if they do not learn to love during their marriages. Couples in arranged marriages, focus more on growing to love and learning to love, which make their marriage more successful. There are even arranged marriages in which the parents who love their children and are concerned about their life take the consent of their children when they decide their marriage.

For others, if love, personality, respect and honour are given secondary importance prior to marriage, there is higher risk of failure later on. The system of arranged marriage originated mainly as the tool of the upper people to maintain then-social status. These people wanted their children to marry someone from the same social class and the same social background. Therefore, arranged marriages-have certain ill effects on the society as they are biased over particular classes, beliefs and cultural backgrounds. It is not wise when parents are over protective and control their children's wishes and desires in choosing their partner. Nowadays marriages are more like a trade than a social custom. People find it an easy medium to make money. This is one of the biggest drawbacks of arranged marriages. The parents are usually so confident of their child agreeing to whoever they arrange their marriage with that they do not bother asking for their opinion before finalizing the proposal. The guy or girl is then left with little choice but to agree. There is often emotional pressure related with this kind oi marriage. Parents demand their children to agree to a proposal before they die or make use of other emotional pressures and dilemma. There have been recorded cases of suicide attempts by these victimized children.

In conclusion, marriage is a sacred bond between two souls, a relationship in which a male and a female promise to be companions for a life span after tying the marital knot. It brings significant stability and security in the relationships of human beings, which is otherwise incomplete. It is not only a union of two human beings but also of two families. Marriage to some extent cannot be successful without the  blessings and consent of the members of the family. It does not matter whether it is a love marriage or an arranged marriage, the success of this relationship is all that matters