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Introduction to Literature Exam: First Year - First Term 2006-2007

Alexandria Univ.                          1st Semester 2006-7
Education - English Dept.              Final Exam
First Year-Section C                  Time: 2 hour


Select the correct answer in each of the following, using the attached chart:

Short Story: (10 marks)

1- A short story is a:
A. narrator point of view
B. stanza structure
C. verse form
D. narrative prose form
2- Which of the following is incorrect?
Character is revealed by:
A. What the character says and does
B. What others say about the character
C. The character’s point of view
D. The character’s outer appearance
3- .................... is a struggle between two or more forces.
A. Plot
B. Conflict
C. Setting
D. Theme
4- Plot is a series of.................. arranged to have meaning and significance.
A. ideas and characters
B. chapters and acts
C. events and thoughts
D. knots and thoughts
5- A plot summary should be:
A. long and detailed
B. brief and accurate
C. full of suspense
D. interesting to read
Questions 6-10 refer to "Things Fall Apart": (10) marks)
6- Tortoise began he would go to the sky.
A. Fly
B. Dream
C. Plan
D. Refuse
7- His speech was so........that all the birds were glad they had brought him.
A. Silly
B. Exciting
C. Inviting
D. Eloquent
8- Tortoise looked somewhat..........From the others.
A. Delectable
B. Similar
C. Different
D. Eloquent
9- When all the birds had gathered together:
A. They were exhausted
B. They set off in a body
C. They invited Tortoise to go
D. They were angry
10- Parrot told Tortoise’s wife to:
A. Stay at home
B. Help him get ready
C. Bring out all the hard things
D. Call the doctor
Questions 11- IS refer to "Eveline" (10 marks)

11- Frank wanted her to go with him to ...
A. Australia
B. England
C. Paradise
D. Buenos Ayres
12- The story is narrated by...
A. Eveline
B. Her father
C. An 3rd person limited narrator
D. A first-person narrator 
13- The story can be told by ...
A. Frank
B. Her mother
C. Miss Gavan
D. The Waters 
14- There was Eveline’s eyes.
A. sign of fear
B. sign of regret
C. sign of love or farewell
D. whisper of love
15- People knew that Frank was......Eveline.
A. Annoying
B. Courting
C. Suing
D. Intimidating

A- Give a character description of either Tortoise or Eveline. Provide evidence to support your argument.
B- Tell the story of Eveline from Frank’s point of view.

POETRY: Questions 17- 21 are based on the following lines: (10 marks)
The wrinkled sea beneath him crawls;
He watches from his mountain walls,
And like a thunderbolt he falls.
17- The rhyme-scheme is:
C. Iambic tetrameter
D. Iambic trimeter
18-The figure of speech in the last line is a:
A. Personification
B. Simile
C. Metaphor
D. Conceit
19- The above lines contain:
A. Repetition
B. Redundancy
C. Paradox
D. Alliteration
20- The eagle is shown to be ...
A. Hesitant
B. Foolish
C. Weak
D. Powerful
21- ‘‘wrinkled” means...
A. Full of holes
B. Lazy and weak
C. Lined and creased
D. Harsh and mean