Friday, December 28, 2012

Grammar and Phonetics Exam: Third Year - January 2003

THIRD YEAR                                 TIME : HOURS


  1. What are the phonetic lectures that mark the accented syllable? 
  2. Explain how some affixes change the placement of word accent.
  3. Allophones are fundamental on oral communication' Discuss the above statement.
  4. Some elemental arc basic in the structure of the svllable. Discuss


I) Rewrite the following to make well-formed, parallel, and non-repetitious sentences:

  1. Since I left school, I have become more reliable and a more 3 independent person.
  2. He knows neither where his wife is, nor what she is doing.

II) Rephrase the following sentences, adding one of the listed negative fronted structures for emphasis. You can use each structure only once, making any necessary changes:

Never - Not for anything - either - neither - Little

  1. I wouldn't accept that kind of treatment.
  2. Mike hadn't ever felt so disappointed in his life.
  3. I haven't been to the cinema this week vet. None of my friends have.

III) In a table format, edit ten mistakes in the following paragraph using your knowledge of the different kinds of complements. You can add or delete words:

Sentence number

(l)Would you believe that listening to the music of Mozart actually makes you smarter. (2) According to a study, is true that Mozart's music has this effect! (3) Recently researchers at the University of California found that IQ scores of college students went up nine points after the students had been listening to Mozart for ten minutes. (5) In another experiment. the tendency that students to solve spatial puzzles increase.d (6) The appeal for students who listened to Mozart performed better astonished researchers. (7) These research findings lead to some fascinating speculations. (8) If it is clear that experiencing Mozart raises the level of intelligence, shouldn't we all have his music on at every moment. (9) That a schoolchild studying English should play Mozart in the background it seems clear. (10) It should be obvious to the parents because that they must fill the house with Mozart's music and insist that the child listens to Mozart only while studying. (11) What is more, parents should demand that the child concentrates while listening to Mozart on a headset while playing competitive sports. (12) Of course, the problem is that as soon as parents urge that something is done in a certain way, they will meet strong resistance from their children. (13) Another obvious problem is it that much more research must to be done before we can believe that Mozart's music actually makes you smarter because this needs lots of funding

—End of Exam—