Friday, December 28, 2012

Essay Examination: First Year - May, 2004

Faculty of Education,
English Department,
May, 2004.                  First Year. Time: 2 hours.

Essay and Comprehension Examination.

Part 1: Essay:- Choose TWO topics and write one paragraph for each:
  1. Describe the wedding party of a dear friend.
  2. The house of your dreams.
  3. A day you will never forget.

Part 2: Comprehension:- Read the passage and answer ALL the questions below.

On The Ball.

Two Hungarian brothers tried to develop a ball-point pen in 1937. One of the brothers, Ladislas Biro, was a newspaper editor who hated filling fountain pens and cleaning ink smudges from his hands, papers and desk. Together, Ladislas and his brother George, a chemist, tried to improve the type of ink and design a better pen.

By 1938, they had made a few ball-point pens, and while visiting Argentina they demonstrated one to the president of Argentina. He invited the brothers to open a pen factory in his country. When World War II began in Europe, the Biro brothers escaped to Argentina. Five years later they were producing pens there.

Meanwhile, a Chicago salesman named Milton Reynolds had seen the Biro pens in stores in Argentina When he returned to the United States, he opened a factory and his first pens went on sale in autumn 1945. Soon ball-point pens were selling by the millions.

Around this time, Frenchman Marcel Bich became interested in ball-point pen design. He worked on this for two years until finally, in 1952, Bich produced a ball-point pen that wrote smoothly. The pen, which was called the Bic, has remained popular ever since.

The original inventors have not been forgotten, however. In England a ball-point pen is still known as a biro.

Answer All the fallowing questions using your own words:
  1. What were the brothers' Biro jobs? Why did they in invent such a pen?
  2. Did the president of Argentina like their invention? Why?
  3. Why is the ball-point pen still known as a biro in England? When was it perfected?
  4. Give a similar word or phrase for the underlined words in,the passage: smudges - demonstrated.
  5. In your own words briefly tell the story of how the ball-pointed pen was invented and then became popular.