Saturday, December 29, 2012

Essay Exam: Second Year - Second Term, 2007

Alexandria University                     Second Term, 2007
Faculty of Education                      Second Year
Department of English                    2 Hours


I. WRITING: (20 Marks)

Write an argumentative essay on ONE of the following.
  • Childhood is not the happiest time of your life.
  • Only a mad man would choose to live in a large city.
  • Power corrupts.


In a table, mention 5 supporting and 5 opposing opinions for ONE of the following topics: (Use meaningful phrases)
  • Public figures should expect people to be interested in their private life.
  • Government officials should rely on their own judgements rather than carrying out the will of the people whom they serve.

III. EDITING: (10 Marks)

Rewrite the following sentences after correction.
( There are no punctuation mistakes; all are related to vocabulary or grammar.)
  1. Much unknown plants and animals are disappearing as the tropical forests are destroying.
  2. The faint is not uncommon in olderly people who stand up suddenly.
  3. Extra wheels attach beside and below the rail to keep roller-coaster cars on track weather they are right-side up, upside-down, or side way.
  4. Disney World has many robots that look life.
  5. Humans have done great advances in technology at the expense of the environment.
  6. Walls that are smooth and flat able sound to bounce back as an echo.