Saturday, December 29, 2012

Essay Exam: Second Year - Second Term, 2005

Alexandria University                 Second Term, 2005
Faculty of Education                  Second Year
Department of English                2 Hours /1 page



Write an argumentative essay on ONE of the following.
  1. Satellite channels should be censored. Discuss.
  2. Private lessons should be legalized. Discuss


Write a summary of the following in not more than 5 sentences.

By: Underwood and Watson 

Advancing age means losing your hair, your waistline and your memory, right? Dana is just 40 years old, but she's worried about her memory. "I try to remember something 1 a person’s name or a place and I just blank out," She says.

In healthy people, memory doesn't deteriorate as quickly as many of us think. "As we age, the memory mechanism isn't broken," says a psychologist. "It's just inefficient." This is because the brain's processing time slows down over the years, though no one knows exactly why. Recent research suggests that nerve cells lose efficiency and there's less activity in the part of the brain that decides to store information or discard it.

There are steps you can take to compensate for normal slippage in your memory gears, though it takes effort. First, pay attention to what you want to remember. Then give some meaning to it. In addition, basic organization helps you remember the boring stuff. Simply using your brain also keeps it strong. Believe it or not, exercising your body also bolsters your mind. Moreover, for those looking for an easier way, here it is. You can eat to aid your powers of retention. Whole grains, fruits and vegetables are excellent sources of glucose, the brain's fuel. Another low-tech way to improve your memory is to get adequate rest. Sleep may allow your brain time to encode memories. Try to slow down just a bit, and you might be surprised how much more clearly you think. Finally, take time, too, to live life. Memory requires us to pay attention to our lives, allowing us to discover in them everything worth remembering.

In a table, mention 5 reasons behind the call for the arabization of medical education and 5 effects for taking such a step.