Saturday, December 29, 2012

Essay Exam: Second Year / Repeats - End of Term, May 2008

Alexandria University                End of Term, May 2008
Faculty of Education                 Second Year/ باقون للاعادة
English Department                   Time: 2 Hours

Essay Exam

1- Write an argumentative essay on one of the following topics:

  • Famous entertainers and athletes do not deserve to earn millions of pounds.
  • There is nothing that the young can teach the old. Discuss.
2- Edit the following sentences and underline your answers:

  1. The attach report gives details about the project planet.
  2.  When the client arrived, the director has been waiting for two hours.
  3. He did not accept the job offer from the international company the salary was very low.
  4. The meeting will take place on Tuesday in Canada at 9.00 of the meaning.
  5. The affect of this new medication on human beings is not yet known.
  6. The customers criticize of the employee's work made him try harder. 
  7. It is his responsibility to maintenance all the computers in the
  8. I did not have enough currency so I had to use my credit card.
  9. I want to lend a dictionary from carol because I lost mine last week.
  10. The director hired a new salesperson who he had worked for our largest competitor.

Good Luck