Saturday, December 29, 2012

Essay Exam: Second Year - May, 2002

Essay Exam

Part One: Essay Writing

Write on ONE of the following topics, using the Cause/Effect Pattern:
  1. The effects of climate on lifestyle
  2. Discuss the reasons that can lead to Third World War, and its possible effects on humanity in general

Part Two: Comprehension

Read the following passage then answer the questions

TV: Could you be without it?

Ninety-eight per cent of people have TV sets in their homes and, according to the experts, we rarely turn it off. In fact, the average viewer watches as much as 25 hours a week. Yet television still provokes controversy.

TV does undoubtedly have its bad side. Whilst any links between on and off screen violence have yet to be proved, few could deny that seeing too much fictional brutality can desensitize us to real-life horrors.

Furthermore, even when programs contain no violence, it’s not really a good thing for so many families to spend whole evenings glued to the box. Some primary school teachers are complaining of youngsters' inability to concentrate and their need to be constantly entertained. It would seem that too much TV is to blame.

Of course, it’s not only children whose happiness can be affected by television. It can lead to the ‘lodger’ syndrome, where some husbands come home, flop down in front of the TV and simply don't communicate with their families at all.

Yet there is another side to the picture. For the lonely, elderly or housebound, television can be a blessing, being a cheap and convenient form of entertainment and a 'friendly face’ in the house. It can be an ideal way to relax, without necessarily turning you into a square-eyed addict.

Television doesn’t just entertain, of course. There are times when it can be informative and can provide a source of good family conversation.

Informative, useful, entertaining and relaxing - and yes, banal and boring - television is all of these. But if we're not selective, surely we have only ourselves to blame. TV can be part of family life, but when it becomes all of it, maybe that's the time to reach for the ‘off switch.

  1. Write a summary of the text in one paragraph (about 7 sentences), using your own words.
  2. Explain the underlined bold words (5 words)
  3. What do you think is the author’s attitude towards the topic: Is he for or against TV? Justify your answer.