Friday, December 28, 2012

Essay Exam: Second Term, 2003

Alexandria University            Second Term, 2002
Faculty of Education             First Year
Department of English           2 Hours

Read the following paragraph

"My room is small and crowded, The dark green walls and dirty white ceiling make the room seem dark, and thus even smaller than it is. As you walk into the room, you are stopped short by my bed, which creaks whenever you sit on it. Not only that, it fills half of the room as well. The two large windows over the bed are hidden by heavy dark golden curtains. Against the wall on your left, pushed into a corner behind the head of the bed, is a large bookcase that is frammed with papers, books, and novels. Squeezed in between the bookcase and the wall opposite the bed is a small grey metal desk. It has a brown woo'den chair that seems to fill the left end of the room. Stuffed under the desk is a wastepaper basket overflowing with paper. The wall above the bookcase and desk is completely taken up with two small posters. On the right hand side of the room is a narrow closet with clothes, shoes, hats, tennis racquets, and boxes bulging out of its sliding doors. Every time I walk out of the door, I think "Now I know what it is like to live in a closet",

I. Based on the passage, answer the following questions (10 marks)
  1. What is (he dominant impression the writer wants to convey? Which words, from the text, reflect this impression?
  2. Choose one sentence from the text which best summarizes the writer’s feeling towards that room.
  3. Which sensory images does the writer appeal to? Give examples from the text.
  4. Guess the| meaning of each of the underlined words, and explain it.
  5. Writing section: (20 marks)
    • a- Rewrite the above paragraph using "comfortable” as the controlling idea in,the topic sentence. Change the description to show that the room is comfortable. Feel free to add or delete details as necessary.
    • OR b. Write a description of the character of the person who lives in that room, guessing it from the above paragraph.

II. Editing (10 marks)

Each of the following sentences contains more than one mistake. Rewrite the sentence and underline the corrections.
  1. Realy; this is going far beyond us. Can't you say anything?
  2. Most of students study hardly before exams in order to success.
  3. Killing innocent people affects on us. As we feel with anger towards that situation. 
  4. The relationships between Arabic countries needs to be more stronger.