Friday, December 28, 2012

Essay Exam: Second Term, 2001

University of Alexandria Second Term, 2001
Faculty of Education           First Year
Department of English         TWO Hours



Write a paragraph (max. 12 sentences) about ONE of the following topics:
  • You have been given the chance to visit another planet Describe its people. (Choose any aspect you like.)
  • You have witnessed a crime. Describe the criminal to the policeman.
  • You have been to a fare. Describe what you have seen there.


Rewrite the following sentences after correction.
  1. Her nice face with her half-close eyes, which sometimes hide by her spectacles, give impression that she is very kind.
  2. Although the village was very far, but Maha succeeded in coming by her own.
  3. The aim of the society to which most of my friends and brothers belong is quite interested.
  4. Evil create an atmosphere of terrifying in the play.
  5. Our class have been studing the principals of writing an essay.
  6. Some new employees coming to work for the first to know more about the job, improve theirselves, done.
  7. She spoke to the men painted the room, and asked them to return bade the office against the wall.
  8. Anybody wants a free ticket to the adventurous film should see Mr. Lee.
  9. While getting out of the bus, a car knocked her down, and she was taken to hospital.