Friday, December 28, 2012

Essay Exam: First Year - Second Term, 2003

Alexandria University         Second Term, 2003
Faculty of Education           First Year
Department of English        2 Hours

Part A: Write ONE paragraph each on TWO of the following topics. (25 marks)

1- The nicest holiday I ever had 
2- My favourite programme on T.V.
3- A special sports event

Part B: Read the following passage and do ALL the exercises below: (15 marks)

     After having lived for over twenty years in the same district, Albert Hall was forced to move to a new neighbourhood. He surprised his landlord by telling him that he was leaving because he could not afford to buy any more chocolate

     It all began a year ago when Albert returned home one evening and found a large dog in front of his gate. He was very fond of animals and as he happened to have a small piece of chocolate in his pocket, he gave it to the dog. The next day, the dog was there again. It held up its paws and received another piece of chocolate as a reward. Albert called his new friend ‘Bingo’. He never found out the dog’s real name, nor who his owner was. However, Bingo appeared regularly every afternoon and it 1 was quite clear that he preferred chocolate to bones. He soon grew dissatisfied with small pieces of chocolate and demanded a large bar a day. If at any time Albert neglected his duty, Bingo got very angry and refused to let him open the gate. Albert was now at Bingo’s mercy and had to bribe him to get into his own house! He spent such a large part of his weekly wages to keep Bingo supplied with chocolate that in the end, he had to move somewhere else.

Ex. 1: Answer All the Questions Below.
  1. In your own words, how did this good deed done by Albert not turn out to be a blessing?
  2. Are there any other solutions that you could think of to Albert’s problem?
  3. Give a synonym or explanation for the underlined words found in the passage.

Ex. 2: Edit the following sentences, correcting the mistake or mistakes found in each one.
  1. My partner in the English class is a noisey girl.
  2. She always speaks very loudly, and laughing all the time on other students.
  3. About two years ago, she move from section one to section two.
  4. This article learnt me an important information about the computer 
  5. I have learnt to be strong, brave and courage.
  6. As soon as the train arrived at the station, I got out.