Saturday, December 29, 2012

Error Analysis: Fourth Year Basic - Second Term

Faculty of Education
Department: Department of English            Course: Error Analysis  Code: E423
Level: Basic                                              Section: 
School Year: Fourth Year                         Term: Second
Test Time: 60 min.                                    Test Points: 70

I. Identify and analyse the errors in the following sentences, based on all the categories you have studied. Don’t forget to correct them all first. (Total: 40 Marks / 10 Errors)
  1. You can not believe what happen'd to me when I watched my friend teaching. (4 errors)
  2. Most of students find making their homework hard. (2 errors)
  3. Repitition of the same mistakes reflect ignorance. (2 errors)
  4. It's been one of my favourite habit to read five books a weak. (2 errors)

II. Point out the types of phonological mistakes in the following transcribed words. Don’t forget to correct the transcriptions: (I5 Marks)
  1. When she runs, she */bɪrɪːzɪz/ fast.
  2. The */ kɔmpjuː'tʌr/ is not working. I'll have to go to a net cafe.
  3. I need more */ ɪksɪblɪneɪʃɔn/ to understand this subject.

III. Give an example for each of the following types of mistakes, using transcription when necessary. Underline these mistakes: (15 Marks)

e. Intrusion of the glottal stop at word boundaries.
f. Failure to follow patterns of stress shift.
g. Difficulty in the recognition and production of some vowel sounds.
h. Vowel length.
i. Orthographical error with selection basic type.