Friday, December 28, 2012

Error Analysis Exam: Fourth Year - 2nd term

Faculty of Education         
Department: English              Course: Error Analysis      Code: E426
Level: General                       Section

School yearFourth Year       Term: 2nd
Test Time: 90 min.                  Test Points: 120

I. Identify and analyse the errors in the following sentences, based on all the categories you have studied. Don’t forget to correct them all first.       (Total: 60 Marks /15 Errors)
  • a. She spoke to the men painted the room; and asked them to return back the office against the wall. (4 errors)
  • b. Most of students study hardly before exams to succeed. (2 errors)
  • c. Untill now, our class have been studying the principals of essay writing. (3 errors)
  • d. He is the first of his class and always depend on him self. (3 errors)
  • e. Realy, my father is the one who learnt me how to drive good. (3 errors)

II. Point out the types of phonological mistakes in the following. Don’t forget to correct the transcriptions: (30 Marks)
  • */sIwI:'tɅr/
  • */kI'lɔzIs/
  • */tIbIKɅl/
  • */kɅrɅ'tɅr/
  • */ʃa:ʒIng/
II. Give an example for each of the following types of mistakes, in transcription form, underlying these mistakes: (15 marks)
  • a. Intrusion of the glottal stop at word boundaries.
  • b. Consonant doubling.
  • c. Difficulty in the recognition and production of some vowel sounds.
  • d. Vowel length.
IV. What is the kind of mistake in the following? Mention the type of word formation it belongs to, and give the correct form. (25 Marks)

  • Theirselves
  • He run to school.
  • Unrational 
  • Egyptions
  • He had lay on the bed to smoke