Friday, December 28, 2012

Drama Exam: First Year - Second Term, 2000

Faculty of Education, 
English Department,              Term: II, 2000 
First Year.                              Time: 2 hrs.


Answer four of the following questions in paragraph form. Do not write more than two paragraphs on each question:-

1- How does the title of Tawfik Al-Hakim’s Between War and Peace reflect the' play’s theme?

2- Why do you think “A Talk in the Park” is considered a serio-comic (tragi-comic) play, not a comedy?

3- In the beginning of scene 10 in “White Chameleon”, Christopher describes the Khamasin of 1956 which witnessed the death of his friend, the chameleon. How does that relate to Chris’§ situation at the time?

4-  How does the following statement reflect the relationship between Chris and Ibrahim; “As for Ibrahim, I never found out what became of him; but all my life I’ve heard his faulty old heart, beating under the floorboards”. 

5- Describe the family atmosphere in which Chris was brought up. How did it help him become the writer that he wanted to be?

Good Luck