Friday, December 28, 2012

Drama Exam: First Year - May-June 2004

Alexandria University,              May-June 2004
Faculty of Education,                Time: 2 Hrs.
English Department,
First year.

Drama Exam

Answer the following three questions in paragraph form. DO NOT write more than two  paragraphs on each questions:

1- Gore Vidal's Visit to a small Planet is a satire of the American sense of pride. Do you think Vidal succeeds in his effort to criticize the American political and social life in the play?

2- Comment on the following quotation; notice that the importance of the underlined words:
Christopher: My father said goodbye to the Alexandria he was losing. Slowly, all the foreign communities dispersed and the colour of the city changed for ever. As for Ibrahimm, I never found out what what became of him, but all my life I've heard his faulty heart, beating under the floor boards.
3- Christopher Hamton's White Chameleon and Gore Vidal's Visit to a Small Planet are written in two different styles. Discuss the style of each play showing these differences. Which of these two styles do you prefer and why?