Friday, December 28, 2012

Drama Exam: First Year - June 2002

Alexandria University,                June 2002
Faculty of Education,                 Time: 2 hours
English Department.                   First Year.


Answer the following FOUR questions in paragraph form:

1- Read the following dialogue and then discuss the issue it raises,
Edward: Why you’ve got such hairy arms?
Chris: What?
Edward: Your arms, they’re all hairy. Aren’t they? Look at his arms.
(He’s succeeded in rousing the interest of the other boys, who inspect Chris’s arms: one boy   lets out an “ugh” of revulsion.)
Chris: I expect it’s something to do with being in the sun a lot.
Edward: We got sun here.
Chris: Yes, but...
Edward: Nothing to do with the sun. It’s probably ‘cause in Africa or wherever it is, you spend     such a lot of time up trees. (Laughter and assent from the boys.) You sure you’re English?
White Chameleon” is a semi-autobiographical play. Explain this statement in one paragraph, giving one or two examples from the play.
3- In Gore Vidal’s Visit to a Small Planet the alien Kreton claims that violence is the “deepest pleasure” of the human race, which to him, is no more than millions of “savages” living in the dark ages. Do you agree/disagree with him? Why?

4- Which character did you like most in Visit to a Small Planet?