Friday, December 28, 2012

Drama Exam: First Year - First Term, Feb 2001

First Year Teachers          Alexandria University
DRAMA                                  Faculty of Education
Time:  Three hours          First  Term Examination, Feb.2001
Section I: Comment on TWO only of the following quotations:
               * Write the name of the play !    *Mention the name(s) of the speaker(s)!
               * Describe the occasion on which the speech is said!
               * Relate the quotation to its context giving any comment you think necessary!
  • (a )................Well,in a seaside resort there’s one thing you must have before anybody can afford to be  seen going about with you; and that is a father, alive or dead.
  • (b )................I want you to trace a call. A telephone call.Immediately. I don't know where it came from or who was making it ,but it's absolutely necessary that it be tracked down. Because it was about a murder. Yes, a terrible, cold-blooded murder of a poor innocent woman-tonight-at eleven fifteen.
  • (c )...........  Yes just fancy I He came to propose to you.
              ............To propose? To me? But why didn't you tell me that before?
              ...............That's why he got himself up in his tail-coat. The sausage! The shrimp!
              ............To me? A proposal? Oh!---------Bring him back! Bring him back! Oh,bring him back!

Section II Attempt ANY TWO questions:

2. Why did Ibsen choose the title "A Doll House" for the play you have studied?

3 How does Chekhov treat the theme of marriage in The Proposal?

4. What makes Shaw's play, You Never Can Tell a play of coincidences?

5. Why is Sorry,Wrong Number a successful radio play?

6. What is the common theme underlying all the (bur plays you have studied?