Friday, December 28, 2012

Drama Exam: First Year - First Term 2000-2001

Faculty of Education,                         First term 2000-2001
English Department,                         Time allowed: 2 hrs.
First year.


Answer four questions only: (each answer is worth 10 marks)

I.    Maeterlinck’s “The Intruder” begins with the following stage directions:
“A dimly lit room in an old country house. A door on the right, a door on the left, and a small concealed door in a comer. At the back, stained glass windows in which the color green predominates, and a glass door opening on to a terrace. A tall Dutch clock in one comer”. How does this beginning relate to the rest of the play? How does it help you understand the play’s events?
II-   “A Talk in the Park” is an ironic title. What does this statement mean? Do you really believe the title is ironic? Why? Choose another play you read this term that also uses an ironic title. Discuss the irony of both titles by referring to the two texts.

III- Do you sympathize with Mrs. Wright in Susan Qlaspell’s “Trifles”? Why/ Why not? Had you been Mrs. Wright, how do you think you would have reacted to Mr. Wright’s abuse throughout the years?

IV-  Al-Hakim’s “Not a Thing Out of Place” is an interesting comedy of manners. What did you learn from reading the play? How do you think it would help you as an Egyptian change things in your society and what kind of mannerisms would you want to change?

V-  “Sorry, Wrong Number” is a play that depends on one main prop for the sound effects. How do the sound effects get you involved in the play’s theme and action?