Friday, December 28, 2012

Civilization Exam: First Year - May 2004

Alexandria University    Subject: Civilization
Faculty of Education.        Time: Three hours
English Department    May 2004
First Year

Section One: History

Choose Two of the following questions:
  1. These and fall of the feudal system can be traced through significant events like the Norman invasion, the reforms of Henry II, the Magna Carta and the Black Death. Discuss briefly.
  2. Edward I is one of the most, controversial English monarchs as regards his internal and external policies. Discuss giving examples.
  3. Write short notes on three of the following:

Section Two: Literature

Choose Two of the following questions:
  1. Compare and contrast the different kinds of drama that Were present during the Middle Ages, with examples.
  2. One of the reasons behind Shakespeare’s popularity until today is the diversity of what he presented. Discuss this Statement with examples.
  3. Write Short notes on three of the following:
    • a-Chaucer’s achievement in The Canterbury Tales
    • b-The protagonists in two of Christopher Marlowe’s plays.
    • c-The differences and similarities between the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle and the Domesday Book.
    • d- The printing press’ role in the democratization and spread of knowledge.
    • e-The use of head rhyme and its effect in Old English poetry