Friday, December 28, 2012

Civilization Exam: First Year - June 2001

Alexandria University      Civilization
Faculty of Education              Time: Three Hours
English department              June 2001
First Year


I. Answer TWO of the Following Questions:

1. Comment on two of the following statements: (2Q marks)
  • A. But for the break down of feudalism, the 1381 Revolt would not have taken place.
  • B. If it were not for the 1066 invasion, England would have remained an uncivilized country.
  • C. One of Queen Elizabeth’s achievements was to make England secure internally from a religious and economic point of view.

2. The main causes of the Reformation in England during the reign of Henry VIII were everything except religious. Discuss this statement. (20 marks)

3. Edward I was one of the best kings in the history of England, but,one of the worst in the history of other parts of Britain. How far do you agree with this statement? (20 marks)


I. Answer TWO of the Following Questions:

1. Write short notes on THREE of the following: (20 marks)
      John Bunyan                    Milton’s writings under Cromwell

2. Compare and contrast Elizabethan and Restoration drama giving examples from the works of one dramatist from each period. (20 marks)

3. Discuss the results of introducing the printing press and translating the Bible on Medieval literature. (20 marks)

Good Luck