Friday, December 28, 2012

Civilization Exam: 2nd Year repeats - 1st Term 07/08

University of Alexandria                 Civilization 
Faculty of Education                      2nd Year repeats 
Department of English                    Time: hours
1st Term Exam 07/08                     Date: 15 January

Attempt only Four (4) of the following questions:-

1- "Alfred is very important figure in the history of English literature. He was not an author, nor a poet, nor a dramatist, but he knew how to write clear prose......." Comment.

2- Show the industrial revolution was the most important movement in the English social history.

3- "The scientific movement led to a change of the rule of nature on religious thinking,, and it created an atmosphere which rejected supernatural explanation of any phenomenon. (Comment).

4- The oldest English poem is Beowulf which was composed in a certain place Europe, while Caedmon was the first Christian poem found into the monasteries of the Anglo-Saxons. (Discuss)

5- The Eighteenth century is considered a prosaic age as better prose than poetry was produced by its writers.

6- Write short notes on Only Two of the following:-
  • a) Men Johnson’s criticism on the Shakespearean works 
  • b) The spirit of Inquiry in the 18 century.
  • c) The Development of drama in the first half of the 18th century 
  • d) The hundred year’s war 1337 - 1453.
Best Wishes;
Dr. M. A. Taman