Friday, December 28, 2012

Civilization & Culture Exam: First Year - 2nd Term

Alexandria University Second Term Exam
Faculty Of Education First Year      Time: 3 hrs
English Department Drama & Criticism

Section A:          History

Comment Fully on Only Two of the following questions ( Maximum two oases. critical essays).

  1. The drama of the Merchant of Venice loses in appeal because Bassanio is not great enough to be a satisfactory hero”                        Discuss.
  2. To what extent can it be said that Shylock is a type of the Jewish nation, and Antonio a type of Christianity?
  3. "The merchant of Venice is a love story which leads up to a happy marriage."       Comment.
  4. The elopement of Jessica and the complaints of Portia in Act 1, scene II show a type of fathers who refuse to play their roles in life as fathers, but as tyrants instead.      Illustrate and write your viewpoint,

Answer Only Two of the following questions
  1. Show how the Wood Demon uncovers Chekhov’s philosophy towards maintaining what is natural.
  2. "Why are you telling me what to do? if I had my way , I wouldn't need you to show me how to live? I’d fly away, free as a bird."      Comment.
  3. "The wood Demon emphasizes many images of hypocrisy, concealed hatred and hostility between nice people." Discuss.

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