Friday, December 28, 2012

Civilization and Culture Exam: First Year - 2nd Term

Alexandria University            2nd Term Exam
Faculty Of Education             First Year  Time: 3 hrs 
English Department               Civilization & Culture

Section A: History

Comment fully on Only One of the following Quotations:

1- “Caesar’s invasions were dictated by strategical rather than by economic motives”
2- “Becket’s murder, in Henry II’s reign, was canonized and his tomb became the most popular of fall resorts for Pilgrims”

Section B:       Culture

Answer Only One question in essay form: (Maximum two pages and. six paragraphs)

1-Explain how Alfred affected the cultural movement in England from 865 to 886, highlighting his efforts to attain a really scientific outlook in a less illiterate time.

2-Show how the conversion of England to Christianity in the 7th century contributed to the development of Education, of language and of advanced culture in monasteries especially in those of Northumbria.

Section C:

Give a brief account of Two of the following tonics (Maximum one page, two paragraphs)

1- The coming of Anglo-Saxons in the last years of the third century.
2- The battle of Hastings. Oct. 14,1066.
3- TheMagna Carta 1215.
4-The Hundred years’war 1337-1453.

Section D:

In front of each date of the following, write the historical event that distinguishes it:
  • 1295: 
  • 1314:
  • 1455 - 1485
  • 1534
  • 1536
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