Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Chapter 7: Classroom Language

Classroom language:
Teachers' reasons for not using English all the time:
  • Teachers are not competent enough to use it.
  • Some pupils have very low competence in English.
  • Pupils always ask for Arabic explanations.
  • Some supervisors urge teachers to use Arabic side by side with English.
  • Pupils become frustrated when for not understanding English.
  • Pupils misunderstand English instructions in testing.

The Value of Using English in Class:
  • Teachers do not need a very competent level of English in a primary classroom.
  • English cannot be taught through Arabic.
  • Devices like mime and gestures help instead of Arabic translation.
  • A successful class conducted in English satisfies supervisors.
  • Teachers can give simple instructions and demonstrate them.
  • Using English greatly in class helps pupils understand test instructions.
What are suggestions for using classroom language?
  • Teachers do not have to have an advanced level of English to use English in the classroom. 
  • They need to learn key phrases and teach these to the pupils.
  • Do not be discouraged if at first the children find it difficult to understand. 
  • Use gestures to make your meaning clear and gradually build up the amount of English you use in class.