Thursday, September 6, 2012

Phonetics and Grammar - May, 2004 - Second year

2nd Year - Phonetics & Grammar  May, 2004          


  1. Draw the vowel diagram and indicate the position of English diphthongs.
  2. Define the diphthong.
  3. Some English diphthongs rarely occur in word initial position, while others occur freely in all positions. Discuss and illustrate.
  4. Illustrate the contrast between two front closing and two back closing diphthongs and two back closing diphthongs (using minimal pairs).
  5. Transcribe the following sentences phonetically:
a- Don't spoil the pie by boiling the fruit too long.b- The hov stared in horror at the coiled snake.


  1. Identify and corrcct FOUR gerunds and infinitives errors (4 Marks)

Nowadays, have friends is a good idea. Friendships are helpful for the normal person. In the past, young people were not allowed have friends freely. Their parents always took part in choose their children's friends. However, in the modem age. young people have complete freedom choose their friends as long as they come from good backgrounds.

  1. Identify and edit SIX subjeet-verb agreement there's in the following: (6 marks)

Running is a very popular sport all over the world. Running, along with other sports arc useful to the body. Many people likes to run early in the morning or in the evenings. However, in winter months, it may be dark during these hours. To help runners, a sports shoes manufacturer have invented a new kind of running shoes that have red lights on the back of the heels that runs by batteries. The lights makes the runner reduce the number of accidents. This kind of shoes is not available in the market yet. So, either the main manufacturer or other manufacturing companies has to do something about this problem.

3- The Guinness Book of World Records presents hundreds of fascinating facts about the superlatives of the world, whether they concern the biggest, the longest, the oldest, or the smallest. Imagine that you are a writer compiling facts about the superlatives of the word for this book. Your task is to rewrite the following information in complete sentences. Use the passive form of the Verb in parentheses. Change the phrasing of information and add words as needed. You can also use relative clauses (5 marks)

  1. Fastest flying insect: the American deer bot-fly ( believe).
  2. Longest prison sentence: 10,000 years. Imposed on a convicted murderer in Alabama, 1981 (say).
  3. The longest United Nations speech: 4 hours, 29 minutes, by Cuban President Fidel Castro on September 26, 1960 (know)
  4. The smelliest living animal: The Africans zorilla (consider).
  5. Total number of active volcanoes: 850 (think)