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Sound [t]: (Voiceless; Lingua-Alveolar; Stop)

[t] of to
The position of the articulatory organs is the same for [t] as for its voiced analogue [d]. The vocal folds are not vibrating.
[t] Spellings
to – phthisic – debtThames – little – ptomaine – faced – yacht – weight – receipt – indict
Deviations in [t] Usage
For the aspiration of [t] see the discussion following [b].
When [t] comes between two voiced sounds, there is a tendency to continue the vocalization, thus saying [d] instead of [t]. Avoid say­ing [sɪdɪ] or [sɪɾɪ] for city [sɪtɪ]; [lɛdɚ-ə] for letter [lɛtɚ-ə].
[t] Exercises
1. Pronounce aloud the words in the new-sound lists.
2. Practice reading the following sentences.
а. Tom had a bed, too.
b. Ted had meat, a hot potato, a tomato.
c. A haughty tot put a boot by me.


Other Sounds: [m, b, p, w, h, d]
Initial Final Medial
1. i tea eat meaty
2. ɪ tip it mitty
3. e
4. tame ate potato
5. ɛ Ted bed Betty
6. æ tat at batty
7. a
8. ɑ Tom hot bottom
9. ɒ Tom hot bottom
10. ɔ Tom bought haughty
11. o
12. oʊ toe boat doted
13. ʊ put
14. u too toot booty
15. ə today moppet potato
16. ᴧ tub mutt putty
17. aɪ fife might mighty
18. aʊ tout out outmoded
19. ɔɪ toy Hoyt hoitytoity

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